Motorbike Paddy
Utopia written as a word

We call it Urapuntja.

Utopia Art Centre

“We’re strong. We’ve been holding this country. We’ve been waiting a long time for that power to come back. Old people gave us that power a long time ago and now we’re making strong canvas here. This is our art story now.”

– Sam Jampijinpa Mbitjana Dixon.

Utopia Art Centre is 100% Indigenous owned and community directed. The Art Centre supports emerging and established artists. It provides a space for intergenerational learning and cultural expression in the Homelands.We’re keeping our generations stronger, through knowledge on our land. Located 250kms northeast of Alice Springs, Utopia Art Centre works across 16 remote homelands. Utopia has a diverse history with artists gaining international recognition for batik in the 1980’s before transitioning to painting. Many senior artists have travelled and exhibited across the world, including the famed Emily Kame Kngwarreye. The bold brushwork and expressive colour that set Utopia artists apart has been continued by the younger generation of children and grandchildren painting today.